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"May the souvenir"

On 17 May 17 took place the concert «May the souvenir» dedicated to the day of Slavic writing. In the concert hall of Children`s Art School was performed by the State symphony orchestra «SymponicaArtica» under the direction of principal quest conductor Rashid Skuratov.

        In the first part of the concert was filled with the Symphony No.1 by VasiliyKalinnikov, which brought him fame, performed with great success in Russia and abroad. The composer, whose fate is largely tragic and sad, died in the Prime of creative forces, so his name isn’t so known to general public. The first «Russian»VasiliyKalinnikov Symphony- key to the Russian symphony music, wonderful gate through which to enter into a deeply instructive musical world. It leads the soul through the Russian meadows, fields and forests, through the expanse of ineffable beauty.

        The second part was opened with the premiere of a symphonic cycle «Pictures at an exhibition», Modest Mussorgsky orchestration by Maurice Ravel. In Yakutsk the work was first performed the Symphony orchestra entirely. The reason for the creation of "Pictures at an exhibition" was an exhibition of paintings and drawings by famous Russian artist and architect Viktor Hartmann, which was organized in connection with the sudden death of the artist. Mussorgsky, closely, a friend of the artist, was shocked by his death.Her amazing art of painting in sounds of real life scenes to recreate the look of living people, the composer moved into the area of music, opening a whole new colorful and expressive images to the audience.

        Сomment from our listeners about the concert "may the souvenir":  


        Tuyaara V., teacher:

        Always glad to see Rashid Skuratov in our city, very much like his concert programs. The music always light, beautiful, gentle. To listen always a pleasure, this is real music for the rest.


         Maryanne, student at NEFU:

        I went to the concert by chance, the last time was 10 years ago in another city, and the impression was not the best.  Now I admire a great performance and it is big surprise for me, that in our republic there is such a high level musicians. 

Text: Ekaterina Platonova

Photo: Vasiliy Innokentyev