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Philharmonia of Yakutia started online-sale

Beginning from May 1 Philharmonia of Yakutia started concerts tickets online-sale. Now it’s possible to book and buy tickets from home. To buy a ticket you have to push the button “Buy ticket” in the web-site in the section “Afisha”. The system will suggest you to pass registration, you need to fill a special form for it.

You can defray your buying by bank card. After your bank approves your buying, on your E-mail address a notification about successful defray and the order’s code will come.

Your buyings will be reflected in the section “My orders”, where your order will be formed. You will have to print it and change in Philharmonia’s booking office before the concert.

Online-sales are closed two days before the concert.

All the details are on the web-site Tel.: (4112) 47-63-35

To buy tickets through the web-site is very comfortable and simple!

Uniteller guarantees security and full privacy of your private information while paying. The Uniteller service corresponds the demands of the security standard of the PCI DSS paying cards industry statistics. The twenty-four-hour monitoring of fraudulent operations is held, all this allows to detect trying of illegal use of bank cards.

Cooperation of the Philharmonia of Yakutia with Uniteller is a guarantee of your paying security.