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In Wonderlad

At Children's Day inclusive theatre-studio «Little Prince» of the charity fund «Kharyskhal» with the Sakha Academic Theatre named after P. A. Oyunsky  at support of “Almazergienbank” with participation of the string ensemble «Arco Artico» (leader Andrey Dedyukin) of the Philharmonia of Yakutia organized mutual project “Alice in Wonderland”.

Children of «Little Prince» with artists of the Sakha Theatre performed for their counterparts in original presentation of Lewis Carroll tale “Alice in Wonderland”.

Favorite among adults and children, the tale got a new lease of life: the presentation was conducted in Russian and English, songs “Toku-toku nem-nem” and “Nuural solko mutukcha”, music by N. Mikheev performed by «Arco Artico» became chart of the presentation.

Alice in her every adventure, be it cricket playing with the Queen, talking with the Cat from Cheershire or tea-drinking with the Hatter, she got a new face. The main character’s role was played by several young artists of the «Little Prince», proving that everyone can get in a tale.

With words of gratitude acting director of the Sakha theatre, chairman of the labour organization Pyotr Makarov, director of the charity fund «Kharyskhal» Vera Dushkevich, who presented grateful letters to the director of the Sakha theatre Anantoly Nikolaev, “Almazergienbank”, the string ensemble «Arco Artico» for participation in the play presentation. The director of the play Lena Ivanova gladdened the visitors with good news:

“Not so long ago guests from Germany visited us, and having attended the rehearsal they invited us to Hamburg! Next summer we are going on a road tour and shall perform this presentation on the big scene of the Hamburg theatre. Thanks to all the participants!”


Text: Lilia Nikolaeva

Photo: Vasily Innokentiev